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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's true what they say - Stallone really is short in person

I know I've learned a few things about this town, because I spent half a day in Beverly Hills and Westwood, saw two free movies, and only spent 25 cents on parking.

I splurged on dinner - I felt entitled.

One of my former students came to the second screening tonight - the movie was
Rocky Balboa and Stallone showed up to do a Q&A. It sounded like he'd been doing them all day, but he was friendly. Said his primary motivation was to make up for Rocky V, which showed some grace. I'll post a review when the movie's released.

The original plan was for my former student and I to stick around and talk a little LA talk at a coffeehouse or similar, but when the Q&A was finished he generously asked if I'd had enough for one day, and I accepted with apologies. I'm realizing that, no matter the person, I have only so much social energy at the moment. As I've said before, it helps to take a dip into other peoples' lives or even just to talk about the little things, but it's also tiring in a way. I think there will be a mix of friend time and Me Time in Chicago.

I think that's as it should be - it's a city you can enjoy both alone and with company. LA too, if you know your way around.


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