The Theory of Chaos

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So what happened?

-You cannot play against a man's reputation, you have to play against what he's doing on the field. The Bears played against Manning's reputation and he torched them for it.

-Neither team was ready for how slippery the ball was going to be in the Miami rain. Indianapolis dealt with this adversity and stopped making mistakes. Chicago didn't.

-A team with a two-headed monster at running back is in trouble when you lose one to injury early.

-The concern was that Indianapolis' undersized defense wouldn't be able to play its speed game on natural grass. This turned out to be unfounded.

-It was obvious Peyton would get the MVP for sentiment if nothing else, and he had a solid game, but I would have preferred to see the MVP go to Ryan Lilja or Jeff Saturday on the offensive line. They were smashing holes open on the left side and protecting Manning's back the whole game.

-Grossman needed to have a Jekyll game. He had a Hyde game. He'd better not show his face around Iron Mike's downtown any time soon, or they'll chop his hands off and throw them in the gravy.

-Joseph Addai has special feet, even on wet grass.

-Brian Urlacher tried, but he simply could not be everywhere at once. The Colts punished him for his slavery to the laws of physics.

-Someone, somewhere in Las Vegas bet the exacta on Adam Vinatieri missing both a PAT and a field goal, and he is getting rich tonight.

-There wasn't one damned commercial I'd laugh at a second time.


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