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Monday, December 24, 2007

Programming Notes

Well, here we are at the height of Crimbo season, and I'm stuffed with cookies and my bank account is mewling for relief. I'm not sure what I have to articulate for you in honor of it all, except that I hope everyone is with the people they love, and that there's enough warmth and sugar and tacky sweaters to go around.

I'm going to post a grip of movie reviews today, at least four. Three need only the last once-over, while the fourth needs a once-over plus a final sentence that doesn't suck. Since that leaves me with SIX still to write - and ye Gods, do you think they could cram any more awards contenders into the ass-end of the calendar? - I may try to lick more before Santa takes to the sky.

After that, posting will become sporadic at best - I'm off to Chicago on the 26th for my annual Bradley-classmate couch-surf. We'll see what this new camera can do, and if anyone in the Windy City has grown sick of me yet.

In the New Year, obviously I'm going to bring the movie reviews fully up-to-date. Beyond that, I'm still sorting out just what content is going to air on this particular blog outpost. I'll still be ranting and raving about the strike, obviously, but there may be more in store, we'll see.

And my American readers who are into this sort of thing can mark their calendars for January 14th, which is when my appearance on the new gameshow
Merv Griffin's Crosswords will air. I'll be sure to mention it again as it gets close.

Smile, friends. We made it.


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