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Friday, December 22, 2006

Archive Hiatus

So I've managed to port over all of my reviews for movies released in 2004. Thanks to everyone for reading and for those first few encouraging comments. Cross-posting on Blogger is an enjoyable experiment so far.

I have over 70 reviews of movies released in 2005, but I'm going to sit on them for the time being. Posting them here has given me the opportunity to do little nipping and tucking on them, not to change the critical thrust but just clean up their readability. Believe it or not I'll write sentences that will bother me years after I've typed them. I've put a few of those to bed and I'm grateful for it.

But because that takes time, and because there's other archive stuff I'd like to transfer (travel entries, pictures, etc.), not to mention some other projects I've got in the works, I'm going to put a hold on older movie reviews for the next couple of months. If you simply cannot contain yourself, you can see them in their orignally-published form

You'll still get the new reviews as soon as they're ready, along with the other Hollywood stuff I put up from time to time. I'll likely be completely blog-silent through the holidays, I'll be on a 10-day trip to Chicago that's got a lot of personal business to it.

So Happy New Year, Jimmy. Release the old, anticipate the new. Enjoy yourself.


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