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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Critical Compulsion Update

So with that, here in mid-February of 2007, I’m finally closing the door on reviewing 2006 releases. As always, there’s a good dozen or two movies I intended to see, still want to see, but just didn’t make it to. I’ve posted 65 reviews for the year, which shakes out to a trip to the multiplex every five to six days – that I still don’t consider this quite enough is a sign of something, I’m sure. For 2005 I managed 72 and I remember feeling that, too, was inadequate. It’s my nature.

I’ve gotten more than a little pissed with myself in the last couple of months over these reviews, because I’ve put off writing some of them for so long that I think I’m losing crucial details that would have allowed me to better report my opinion. I know that I have perfectly adequate excuses – I’ve been traveling, writing a lot of other things, dealing with personal issues, and nobody’s paying me to do this anyway. Still, there’s a purity in letting your own standards and nothing else be the thing to punish you, and some of these reviews haven’t rated as good as I think I’m capable of.

In any event, we’re now into 2007, there’s quite a few movies to get to and damn me, I’ve only reviewed one so far. I’ve got an open schedule and no football this weekend, so I’m hoping to squeeze three in. In the days to come, I’ll post my traditional top 10/bottom 10 lists along with any other wrap-ups that come to mind. And then onward, into year four (wow, really, four?) of uncompensated movie snobbery here at The Theory of Chaos.

Thanks for reading.

: Whoops! Make that 66 reviews. I found one I'd forgotten to add to my LiveJournal Memories page for the year.


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