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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hoo boy, here we go (UPDATED)

News has just broken of a tentative deal between the studios and the DGA. Details of the deal have yet to emerge.

-If the terms on New Media are lousy, then we stay on strike, and the directors have played bitch again and will be out of work anyway.

-If the terms on New Media are good, it means the studios have caved to us, but their collective egos demanded that they give it up to the directors instead of to us directly, in order to preserve the
writers=impossible to work with storyline they've been stroking themselves with. If this is the case, I can tell you that none of us will care looking like assholes, we'll know that it was our willingness to take the bullet that gave the directors the leverage to improve everyone's lot.

Details as I learn them.

: United Hollywood has the DGA's official announcement. My reading of it says that there's more than one thing in here to like. Precedent for distributor's gross is huge. I like the jurisdictional language. The promotional streaming windows have me nervous, as does some of the formulas, but far more educated people than I will be poring over these numbers in the next few hours, as I go to a movie followed by a reception. We'll see what the battlefield looks like when I get back.


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