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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Obsessed? Sure am!

I'm going back to bed now, but just so's you know I was watching live, the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture are:

(6 overall)
(4 overall)
Michael Clayton
(7 overall)
No Country For Old Men
(8 overall)
There Will Be Blood
(8 overall)

I'll have much, much more to say on the major categories later.
Full list here in the meantime.


  • Dano denied? No way. Greenwood was disqualified, no surprise there. The Foreign Film controversy is brewing, Viggo Mortensen got a respectful nod, as did Johnny Depp and the good Mr. Plainview, and PTA made the director pool. But, alas, no love for Fincher and "Zodiac". Still, overall, with the "Blood" and "No Country" nods, there is proof of some justice in this world. Now all we need is Javier Bardem and a coin.

    By Anonymous Mike De Luca, at 10:27 AM  

  • Greenwood's score is the sort of thing they used to have the Adaptation or Song Score category for. Since there's rarely more than one or two musicals in any given year and very few adaptation scores (Howard Shore's appropriated tunes for Gangs of New York's temp-track-that-wouldn't-die would qualify), the category has been missing-in-action for a couple of decades, which is too bad, because it can be an art form unto itself. What would The Sting be without Marvin Hamlisch's sprightly orchestrations of Joplin?

    By Blogger Nick, at 11:38 AM  

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